How To Clean The Range Hood Filter?

Range hood filter is a crucial piece of the whole installation and its condition impacts on the way it can absorb the variety of home pollutants-grease, cooking smells and vapours. Responsible researches report that it can collect more than that. Clean and well-maintained ventilation in the kitchen grabs and filters all of the indoor contaminants, including paint, powerful cleaners, new carpet fragrance, cosmetic flavours, pets’ smell, smoking fume, arts and crafts residues in the air, etc.

The easiest way for me to clean the filters is to fill the kitchen sink. I use always boiled water because the high temperature ensures sufficient good final result, free of grease and bacteria- mix baking soda/1/4 cup/ and three drops de-greasing dish soap. Soak the filters for at least 20 minutes and be sure they are completely covered with the soapy mixture. A little bit scrubbing process is necessary because the dirt is already softened, so the most pleasant step of the cleaning procedure is rinsing and drying.